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    Introducing comma health

    Created by Group Benefit Partners, comma health enables employers to design health plans with innovative features.  By driving quality care and services locally through strategic partnerships, employers and their employees in these communities benefit from negotiated buying power among stakeholders that share common interests within a community.

    Collaborating Partnerships of comma heath

    The comma health program reaches its greatest cost-saving potential by partnering and collaborating with multiple industry professionals:

    Program Pharmacy Consulting

    Specialized Reinsurance Relationships

    Captive Reinsurance Program Access and Creation

    Group Life Insurance Purchasing Agreements

    Group Disability Purchasing Agreements

    Flexible Spending Account Purchasing Agreements

    COBRA Administration Services

    Transitional Services COBRA Concierges

    Online Benefits Administration Access

    ACA and ERISA Reporting

    Core Partnerships & Integrated Services Designed by Group Benefit Partners

    Utilizing comma health, local Employers can customize a health benefit package strategically bundled to maximize the ongoing success of their plan while positively impacting their local community and economy.

    Health Plan Administration

    Thought leaders providing the most innovative cost containing features and strategies in the industry.

    Pharmacy Benefit Management

    High performing PBM with new drug management programs improving health outcomes in chronic conditions.

    Wellness Programs

    Data-driven programs that can truly deliver a return on your wellness investment.

    Meet the Face of comma health

    As the marketing arm of comma health, and with offices spread across Iowa, the entire team at Group Benefit Partners are proud supporters of their communities – communities just like yours.  Click below to learn more about the team at GBP and how they can support you in the design, implementation and ongoing success of your comma health benefit program.


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