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    Auxiant Plan Administration

    Seamlessly Integrated Cost Containing Admininstration

    Health plans designed through comma health are managed and administered by Auxiant, a leading independent provider of healthcare third party administration services since 1982.  Auxiant offers an easy platform for enrollment and the ongoing management of health plans, from coordination of pharmacy benefits, to management of the most complex medical claims, and everything in between.   They are also known for creating the FocusHealth network , which sits at the core of comma health and ensures your employees have quality health care at the lowest possible price.

    Superior customer service, innovative technology, medical management and other cost- reducing trends, Auxiant offers the flexibility you need to match your plan with your organization’s objectives.

    National PPO Network Access

    Auxiant provides deep analysis to ensure that your employees are paired with the most effective PPO networks across the country for accessing services that are not available within the local healthcare market.

    Disease Management Services

    Auxiant will work hand-in-hand with a variety of disease management programs to maximize the value of the self-insured health plan. These could be programs integrated through a wellness and data analytics solution, or perhaps services offered through your local community hospital.

    Pharmacy Benefits Management

    Formulary management, purchasing strength, and medication adherence are paramount in managing the costs of a plan’s prescription program. Auxiant has relationships with the industry’s most trusted and proven pharmacy benefits management firms and is confident the services and programs provided through comma health’s relationship with ClearScript will maximize the value of that extremely important component of the program.

    Wellness Plan Integration

    Auxiant will integrate with any level of wellness plan design innovation chosen for implementation.

    Transplant Management Services

    Auxiant provides a selection of transplant management services to help manage the financial impact of some of your plan’s largest claims. These services include the choice of a fully insured transplant rider or access to a high value transplant network within the self-insured plan.


    Auxiant can integrate with a number of telemedicine vendors for convenient care at times when your local providers are not available.

    Stop-Loss Protection

    The innovative medical management components of the comma health program create an environment conducive to a very attractive reinsurance market. Auxiant has used the long-term relationships that they have forged with their A-rated reinsurance partners to negotiate the best reinsurance agreements possible for comma health.

    Benefit Technology

    Auxiant provides both employers and employees with access to highly customized technology platforms to assist with plan administration and enhance the overall plan experience.

    Employers – Auxiant allows employers to truly capitalize on the self-funded plan’s ability to capture data. The reporting capabilities provided by Auxiant’s information technology platform are nearly limitless. In addition, employers have access to valuable enrollment reports within their standard online
    account access.

    Employees – Auxiant provides employees with many useful tools within their accounts, such as a PPO provider search, the ability to view and print EOBs and claim information, and access to plan documents. Employees will also be able to view a library of health information, and chat with the customer service team.