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    Pharmacy Network

    Comprehensive, Care-Driven Pharmacy Services

    ClearScript partners with you to optimize your benefit plan’s financial performance and deliver exceptional health outcomes. Their services include a national network of pharmacies, however it is their approach to creating a community based prescription drug plan that provides cost-saving strategies to local employers, when local pharmacies and hospitals extend a best-inclass pricing structure.  ClearScript is also known for it’s break-through  Medication Therapy Management program to treat chronic conditions, and will streamline community access to specialty medications through their partnership with Fairview Specialty Pharmacy.

    ClearScript offers 100% transparency and accountability in their pharmacy benefits management operations.

    The fully disclose all fees in their proposals and contracts with clients.

    They have no other sources of income apart from their contracted, fully disclosed fees that are designed to align with your objectives.

    They have eliminated the “retail spread” that is common in pharmacy benefit plan design today.

    They do not seek to profit from increases in drug utilization.

    They fully disclose and share manufacturers’ rebates with you.

    They make sure you understand how their program is structured.

    They are committed to maximizing the use of generic medications.

    They do not sell your utilization data to drug manufacturers.